Monday, February 18, 2013

Giving Up Facebook For Lent

I am Catholic. I'm not very good at it.  I wish I turned to prayer more and my own solutions less. I wish the controversy that plagued the Catholic Church didn't haunt me. Better yet I wish the controversy didn't exist at all because I wish the men in power had done the right thing in the first place. I am Catholic and I am conflicted but Lent is a time when I feel the most devout.

Lent is not a time where I give up a "luxury" (like chocolate) it's a time when I eliminate something that is draining me of my energies or serving as a distraction and a thief of my time.

For Lent I have given up Facebook because besides the Kardashians the "book of face" is the biggest time suck in the nation. 

Here's why I gave it up:

1) I am too concerned with whether people respond to my status updates or comments and how many "likes" I receive.

2) Facebook is like a virtual high school cafeteria where the cool kid table shares french fries and inside jokes while I sit by myself and eat a bag lunch from home.

3) Most Facebook posts consist of other people's highlight reels and even though I know that people are posting their "best case scenarios" it's still hard not to compare my life to theirs.(And I have a great life so what the hell?)

When I get a little panicky due to Facebook withdrawal I take a deep cleansing breath.

The elimination of Facebook allows me to go into my desert the way Jesus went into the desert.

In my desert, I can hold quiet in my heart, pray, focus on my family, think, heal, be grateful and be kind to myself.

So I am on a Facebook fast and so far it feels great.

I think I'll be checking it a lot less after Lent, too.

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