Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh, The Audacity!

I'm falling in love. It's not an affair. I love my husband. That's been established. But, still and well, I am falling in love. It's with two people, well, actually four. I'm in love with the Obamas. Barack, Michelle, Malia, Sasha and add to that whoever their soon to be dog will be. I don't even like my own dog that much (just kidding Falstaff) but I will love this one. And since they are choosing a hypoallergenic dog for Malia my love will have no side effects. I want to join the Obamas wherever they go, climb in a suitcase and move into the White House with 'em. Doesn't it feel like we're all going to get to move in with them on January 21st? I have a strong feeling I'm going to meet them someday. Granted it may not be at the Inauguration or at any of the Balls like I've envisioned but I'm convinced that I will shake Obama's hand and hang out with Michelle and discuss Pinto dresses and the pros and cons of straightening ones hair. Perhaps Malia and Sasha will regard me as an Auntie and maybe my daughter will play with them on the White House lawn.

During the election I felt disconnected from the Obamas. Once Hilary was out, Obama had my vote but I couldn't put my finger on him. I wasn't completely sold. On my best day I couldn't rival Michelle's accomplishments. Her superwoman credentials just made me feel bad. But something has happened and now their unattainable qualities have given way to something for me to aspire to when I grow up even though Michelle is only five years older than me. It's nice to have someone to look up to when you're an adult. The older you get the less excited about other people you become. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they have a lot to prove and they may let us all down more than we can fathom by the end of his term but from now until January 20th and for some time after I'll track Michelle's fashion trends, collect Obama collectibles, anxiously await the name of their dog and the school the girls will attend, and anticipate Barack's appearances, speeches and actions like a good old fashioned stargazer. I am going to revel in the new "Camelot" and "for the first time in my adult life" I will let myself experience the "audacity of hope".