Thursday, October 4, 2012

And the Debate Goes To...Big Bird

I looked forward to the debate like it was the show after a cliffhanger or the last episode of a beloved show. 

I actually appreciated the countdown clock one of the cable news channels displayed in the right hand corner so I knew exactly (to the second) what time it would start.

I am a fan of debates since the Clinton Campaign. I use to tape those and rush home from work at night and watch them right away. 

Last night, I was home to watch the debates in real time. 

Along with the interaction between Obama and Romney another aspect I looked forward to was following my Facebook page and posting status updates throughout the telecast. 

Watching any big-event television (The Olympics, Emmys or Oscars) improves the experience exponentially. 

The only reason I watched all three and some hours of the Oscars last year was because I was on a roll and people were enjoying my posts. 

Staying on Facebook during the debates let me be in a virtual living room and I could actually experience the communal feeling Zuckerberg supposedly strives for. 

Plus I have some hilarious friends who let no good moment pass without a zinger, fact, virtual eye roll or informative link. 

There I was watching it; a little nervous for both candidates simply because I had empathy for how important it was on both sides to deliver. 

I wanted one to deliver more than the other but I could imagine the nerves before such a trial and I didn't envy either of them.

As I started to post and read other updates I realized I was hearing and or comprehending less and less of what the candidate and President were saying. 

The non-verbals were glaring, the awkward interrupting of Jim Lehrer and blatant ignoring of the set time limits raised my cringe factor high. 

By the time Mitt Romney threw Big Bird under the bus (Who does that? Apparently Romney does) I was much more interested in creating a photo (below) for a status update then reveling in the fact that my FB friends "liked" me than what either guy was saying.

Big Bird started trending on Twitter, a Facebook page was created and all of Sesame Street was up in arms.

(By the way, many have referred to Big Bird as a Muppet. In fact, he is not. I guess you could say Muppets and Sesame Street Citizens are members of the same union, though. Solidarity.)

Although I thoroughly enjoyed and am still enjoying the comments on Big Bird I realize my attention to FB completely distracted me from my original goal; following the debate seriously. 

Anyone else get distracted from the point?

This election (or any other) is no joke. 

I look forward to the next debate and I'm going to save the virtual living room for more frivolous affairs. 

I want to pay attention.

I'll definitely check FB after, though.

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