Monday, April 18, 2011

Mother's Day; Never Forget

I remember watching my Mother in the family room ballroom dancing with my Dad while we waited for the babysitter to come.

I remember I told her that I just had to have the Mother Karen Jacket everyone was wearing at school so she stopped making dinner after a full day of work, drove me to a store where they were sold and bought one for me.

I remember Saturday mornings she would wear her hair in two long braids that made her look like a Cherokee Indian and a big kid.

I remember, "Jokes should be far from the truth."

I remember, "If someone trusts you with a secret, keep it." Consequently, I will take a person's secret to the grave unless otherwise directed.

I remember, "Give me five minutes to walk in the door before you start asking for things." I've said the exact same thing to Audra. Payback.

I remember her bringing one shoe to a purse store or a purse to a shoe store in an effort to find the perfect match for an outfit.

I remember she always looked fabulous.

I remember in fourth grade she came to my class and spoke about Haiti then made me wear an elaborate Haitian costume for "The Parade of Cultures" that took place in the gym. I was mortified. She took a lot of time getting that costume together.

I remember crawling in bed with her when I was sick or scared. Best. Sleep. Ever. Audra does it now and I cannot deny her.

I remember her handing me a crumpled brown paper bag on my birthday with an impish grin. It had the Tiffany bracelet I wanted inside.

I remember she saw every performance of my high school production of Mame. I played Mame. The box office knew her by name.

I remember.

I hope she remembers. I hope she knows. She is a good Mother.

I will never forget.

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